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Great Plains Wheat Close Up Photography

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This listing features a beautiful image of a serene wheat field scene under a cloudy sky that Debra Gail photographed in Kansas. The wheat is tall and golden, and each wheat stalk is detailed, with heavy heads bending slightly in the wind. The sky is overcast with soft, white-to-gray clouds scattered across it, diffusing the light and giving the scene a calm, almost ethereal quality. And it’s a fine art photograph that captures the simple beauty of agricultural land. Great Plains Photography Print, Picture of Wheat in Kansas, Landscape Wall Art Western Decor, Neutral Farmhouse Colors.

Great Plains Landscape Photography

Immerse yourself in the vast and breathtaking beauty of the Great Plains with this stunning collection of landscape photography by Debra Gail. Each piece in this collection captures the essence of the expansive prairies, dramatic skies, and serene rural scenes that define this iconic region. Perfect for adding a touch of natural splendor and tranquility to any space, these fine art prints are a testament to the Great Plains' timeless beauty and ever-changing moods.

Collection Features

Expansive Prairies: Discover the boundless beauty of the Great Plains with photographs showcasing the endless stretches of golden grasses, rolling hills, and open fields that characterize this region.

Dramatic Skies: Experience the power and majesty of the skies above the Great Plains, from vibrant sunsets and clear blue days to stormy, cloud-filled horizons that add depth and drama to the landscape.

Serene Rural Scenes: Each photograph captures the quiet charm of rural life, featuring iconic elements such as weathered barns, windmills, and grazing cattle that evoke a sense of peace and nostalgia.

Natural Splendor: The collection highlights the diverse and ever-changing nature of the Great Plains, with seasonal variations and unique atmospheric conditions that bring each scene to life.

Fine Art Quality: Printed on high-grade materials, these fine art prints ensure vibrant colors, sharp details, and a luxurious finish that will enhance any room.

Including: Great Plains Landscape, Prairie Photography, Rural Landscape Art, Fine Art Nature Photography, Rustic Decor, Farmhouse Decor, Scenic Landscapes, American Heartland

Bring the Great Plains' timeless beauty and serene majesty into your home with this captivating collection of landscape photography by Debra Gail. Perfect for anyone who appreciates rural America's natural splendor and tranquil charm, these fine art prints will add a touch of elegance and serenity to any decor. Explore the Great Plains through Debra Gail's lens and let these stunning landscapes transform your living space.


  • WATERMARK: Your final image will have a small signature in the lower right or left, replacing any larger stamps, stickers, or large center watermark.
  • PRINT: Ready to place into a frame and printed on a premier professional-grade, heavyweight paper with a beautiful luster finish. Smaller prints ship flat, while larger prints may ship in a tube to prevent damage.
  • CANVAS: This ready-to-hang print measures 1.25" deep, uses museum-quality poly-cotton canvas, and has a solid, supported face that prevents sagging.
  • FRAMED CANVAS: Available in brown, black, silver, and white wood finishes and a 1.75-inch depth wood frame. The sizes listed are for the canvases themselves. The frames add approximately 3/4" on all sides. This Western decor wall art finish option also arrives ready to hang.


  • PRINT WITH MAT: Mounted to a white, archival 4-ply mat and backing board, using ALL acid-free materials including mat, backing board, and linen tape. Your matted print arrives ready to place into a frame or gift box! The actual outside finished sizes are listed.
  • HIGH DEFINITION METAL: Please contact me directly for a custom quote on custom-sized metal prints up to 60 inches wide not listed in my Etsy shop. They are weather-proof (avoid direct sunlight) and arrive ready to hang on a recessed float mount. The larger metal prints include a French cleat, while smaller prints (16x20 and smaller) include a float mount notched block hanger.
  • BARNWOOD FRAMED PRINT with MAT: For custom-sized Barnwood Framed prints up to 60 inches wide not listed in my shop, please contact me directly for a custom quote. Foam board mounted and finished with more expensive and transparent acrylic glazing rather than glass; this 2.55" wide frame has a cap that adds extra depth and character. The measurements you see in the size choices are for the outside dimension.

Great Plains Landscape, Prairie Photography, Rural Landscape Art, Fine Art Nature Photography, Rustic Decor, Farmhouse Decor, Scenic Landscapes, American Heartland

All images are original photography © Debra Gail Fine Art Photography, LLC.

Production & Shipping Times

  • Small prints ship in 1-2 business days
  • Large prints and canvas wraps ship in 2-4 business days
  • Framed canvas wraps and metal prints ship in 3-5 business days.
  • Barnwood framed prints ship in 7-10 business days
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