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5 Tips on How to Frame a Picture

5 Tips on How to Frame a Picture

Picture Framing | 5 Tips to Consider | Color Scheme, Frame Material, DIY Framing, Custom Barnwood Frame, How to Frame a Picture by Debra Gail Fine Art

How to frame a picture is a question that I get asked frequently, and I am happy to help!

You may have chosen to bring a piece of my art into your home. Or you are considering a fine art print purchase. Your newly acquired print is not just a beautiful decor piece. Your art reflects your taste and appreciation for fine art. The next step is to showcase it in the best possible way. We understand that framing can be an art form in itself. We're here to guide you through the process to ensure your masterpiece looks stunning on your wall.


1. Consider the Aesthetics

For example, before diving into frame options, take a moment to consider the overall aesthetics of the piece and your home. My artwork often features neutral tones and subdued details. Therefore, choose a frame that complements the styles in the print while also harmonizing with your decor. Classic black or white frames are versatile options. But don't be afraid to explore unique finishes like gold or wood for a more eclectic touch.



Picture Framing | 5 Tips to Consider | Color Scheme, Frame Material, DIY Framing, Custom Barnwood Frame, How to Frame a Picture by Debra Gail Fine Art

2. Choose the Right Mat

A mat can add depth and focus to your print

A mat creates a visually pleasing border between the artwork and the frame. Opt for acid-free mats to prevent discoloration over time. Consider the size of the mat. A wider mat can make a small print appear more substantial. A narrower mat can draw attention to the artwork. Matting can serve as a visual resting place between the artwork and the frame, highlighting the art without competing for attention. Consider using acid-free archival-quality mats for Debra Gail's work to prevent damage. The mat color should enhance the artwork; neutral colors like white, black, or gray can make the colors stand out.


3. Protect Your Investment with UV-protective Glass

Preserve the vibrancy of your Debra Gail print by choosing the glass that provides UV protection. This shields your artwork from harmful sunlight, preventing fading and discoloration. Museum-quality glass is an excellent choice, as it minimizes glare and enhances the viewing experience. To protect the artwork from fading and damage caused by UV rays, definitely opt for UV-protective glass or acrylic. Debra's framed artwork is foam board mounted and framed with more expensive and transparent acrylic rather than glass.

4. Customize it to Your Heart's Content.

Framing is a highly personal choice

And there are countless options to help you express your style. Explore different frame profiles, sleek and modern or ornate and traditional, to find the perfect match for your taste. If you need more clarification, consider consulting with a professional framer. A professional framer can provide expert advice tailored to your artwork and preferences.

Picture Framing | 5 Tips to Consider | Color Scheme, Frame Material, DIY Framing, Custom Barnwood Frame, How to Frame a Picture by Debra Gail Fine Art

5. Proper Sizing and Proportion:

The frame should be proportionate to the artwork. A frame that is too large can overshadow the artwork, while one that is too small may not provide adequate support. Additionally, consider the space where the artwork will hang. The frame should complement the room's decor and be sized appropriately for the wall space. Check out my Wall Art Size Guide.

In conclusion, framing your art print is an exciting opportunity to enhance the visual impact of the piece. You can create a framed masterpiece with care considerations. The aesthetics, matting, glass, and customization options reflect your unique style.

Framing Tips - Properly Hang Your Art

It's time to carefully hang your Debra Gail Fine Art print once you've chosen the perfect frame. Use proper hanging hardware, making sure it's securely anchored to the wall. Consider the lighting in the room to ensure your artwork is showcased in its best light—literally.

Thank you for choosing Debra Gail Fine Art to adorn your walls. We hope this guide inspires you to frame your print with the care and attention it deserves.

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