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You Can Rent a Medieval Castle in Spain with 15 Friends for Less than $30/Night Each

castle in spain

It’s true! Can you imagine the spectacular views?

Located in Ripollès, Spain, between mountains and among the rivers and valleys, is this stunning and ancient castle, “Llaés.”

The beautiful place is available for €381 ($413.25) per night. And if you gather a crew that fills its 16 beds, the price comes down to €23.81 ($25.83).

The Entire Castle consists of 8 double rooms (5 with double bed, 3 with two single beds), 4 bathrooms, 2 living rooms and a kitchen equipped with a terrace.”

castle in spain
Photo Credit: Castell de Llaés

“Castell de Llaés is a 10th-century castle, a Cultural Good of National Interest and a Protected Historical Heritage, renovated as a Rural House. This is a constant reform and improvement project.”

Currently, the fortress preserves the appearance of the castle, the tribute tower, the courtyard of arms, and the religious center with a landscaped area, the small cemetery, and the Sant Bartomeu church, with a Romanesque style.

For more information, visit Castell de Llaés.

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