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Old Structures on the Prairie

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Old Structures on the Prairie – Abandoned, dilapidated, and forgotten? I don’t think so, otherwise, these historic structures wouldn’t exist today. Below are a few of my favorite old structures that are in the Great Plains area.

This beautiful house was built in 1878 by Dr. William B. Jones and is located near Florence, Kansas. For being 142 years old, I’d say it’s in pretty good condition.

Old Structures on the Prairie

This little house north of Cambridge, Kansas is not exactly an old structure, but the dugout in the background is.

The little log cabin is a reconstruction version of the original cabin which was originally constructed in 1872. Dr. Wilkens and his family lived in the cabin for several years.

The dugout in the background served as living quarters for the family as the cabin was built, according to local stories.

Visit Cowley County, Kansas

Old Structures on the Prairie

“The Cedar Point Mill is owned by Drinkwater & Schriver Mill Inc., a Kansas non-profit corporation dedicated to saving the mill and maintaining it as a historic site, celebrating this exceptional 1875 Chase County, Kansas grist mill.”

Cedar Point Mill

This sweet little house is in Comanche County, Oklahoma.

Old Structures on the Prairie

The round granite core stones used to build this old house cover the hillsides at the Wichita Mountains area in Comanche County, Oklahoma. Completed in 1927, this house is restored and on the National Historic Register.

Abandoned, dilapidated, and forgotten? No, maybe partially gone, but not forgotten. I say these old buildings whisper their strength through their stone walls, through their mortar, their missing windows, and roofs. Whether a dugout, a shack, or a large home, they continue to stand at attention, reflecting the strength of the people who once lived inside.

Old Structures on the Prairie

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