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More Baby Wrens!

baby wren Debra Gail photography

The Carolina Wren is a year-round resident bird for us in southeast Kansas. Although our yard isn’t “open woods,” they find several trees and a couple of brush piles to explore.

The wrens in our backyard have two broods each year, of tiny, adorable nestlings.

more baby wrens

If you follow my blog or Facebook/Instagram feeds, you may already know that the Carolina Wren is my favorite bird to watch.

baby wren Debra Gail photography

Look at that itty-bitty tail!!

adult and fledgling wren
Carolina wren fledgling

The wren is a voracious eater, feeding primarily on insects. During breeding season, we typically have dried mealworms in feeders for the wren and several others.

One of my favorite aspects of the wren is that the adult wren pairs perform a duet, with the female chattering while the male sings. It’s a unique and beautiful performance! And if you didn’t know better, you would think it’s a much larger bird than these tiny ones!

I hope that you have the opportunity to see the Carolina wren and even hear their beautiful duet! For more on the Carolina wren, check this out from All About Birds.

Thank you for stopping by!

~Debra Gail

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