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Come along …

Come along with me on a trek where the tallgrass prairie rolls out deep, dormant grasses for as far as you can see.

come along

The Great Plains area is where Arcadian land rises and falls like the long breaths of Old Man Winter.

debra gail photography

In the Great Plains of Kansas, you can witness the silent edges of an endless and cold, cerulean sky. And the dark skeleton images of the cottonwoods quietly stand guard and hover around serpentine springs.

Debra Gail photography

Take a moment to rest, to reflect until even your breaths seem to dissolve into that which is far away. You are absorbed yet distracted. There is no fiction here, only reality. There is no doubt here, but instead, certainty. There is nothing wasted here.

flint hills photography

Can you hear it? This land sings its song, a ballad of perfect isolation. 

come along

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