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blue debra gail photography

The color blue isn’t just MY favorite color.

Statistically speaking, bluish hues are the world’s most preferred.

And this year, Pantone announced Classic Blue as Pantone Color of the Year.

Classic Blue looks like this.

And it is one of my favorite shades of blue.

Is my reverence to blue science-based? I don’t know.

When you think about it, most things associated with the color blue are beautiful. So maybe that’s it.

(There are those people who adore Red. It’s okay. I won’t hold that against you, although you won’t find a single red-colored thing in my life. So hopefully you don’t hold that against me either.)

But we’re here to talk about blue. Blue promotes calm and trust. That’s why you’ll often see it in hospitals and emergency services.

We associate the sky and water with blue. Peaceful.

Blue is associated with intelligence, peacefulness, tranquility, and trustworthiness.

Blue isn’t here for an argument, nor is it attention-seeking. With that being said, blue is more of a leader and wholly independent.

Glitter is far from blue. You won’t find pretentious in this color. Oh no, blue is cool, calm, and keeps a low profile.

Perhaps introverted, blue also makes thoughtful decisions.

Blue is my favorite color, and perhaps that is why so many of my images feature the blue skies. What a lovely color it is, and I could never get tired of seeing it!

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